SWP Get Rich Plan – Bringing Unique DeFi3.0, Bringing Value Change in Digital Finance

Since the advent of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency has been regarded as the prototype of the future economic model by various industries and fields. The rise of the concept of DeFi in 2016 officially established the definition of decentralized finance. Move traditional financial products to the blockchain in order to form an encrypted financial ecosystem based on asset management, prediction markets, and trading markets.

The first generation of DeFi: Solved the trust problem of peer-to-peer financial transactions and reconstructed our financing methods. From savings, peer-to-peer loans, derivatives to insurance, DeFi has become a global alternative to traditional finance.

The second generation of DeFi: solves the problem of decentralized financial protocols, and people can control the future of assets, data and their own finances. Services such as payment, insurance, remittance, and lending are no longer centrally processed and guaranteed by financial institutions.

However, the cumbersome operation and high-frequency trading characteristics of the second generation of DeFi have formed a natural threshold, which will block more ordinary users from the benefits. Therefore, the advent of the pioneer of the decentralized financial market, the Get Rich Plan (SWP), will start an epoch-making value change with mutual benefits for everyone and blowout profits.


SWP——Building the third generation of DeFi: break through the existing dilemma of the encryption market, and achieve value return through the aggregation of income ecology. Integrate all trading strategies into smart contracts to achieve “one-click income”. Create a diversified encrypted asset market and become a strong new force in the encrypted financial derivative system.

Three pools are jointly driven, unlimited dividends for one transaction

Pool A: SWP tokens, with a total circulation of 21 million pieces, will never be issued, and will eventually be destroyed to 21,000 pieces;

Pool B: USDT, which is continuously injected in transactions and distributed to liquidity providers;

Pool C: SWPT, with a total circulation of 210 million pieces, is the only pass in the SWP ecosystem, and can only be produced through LP.

SWP has designed a unique multi-pool and multi-currency trading strategy. In each transaction process, both parties can obtain SWP token dividends, USDT liquidity dividends and the output of SWPT tokens.

Circular value-added: During each transaction, the transaction volume will continue to fill the liquidity of the three pools, which is used as the driving force for the increase in the value of the token. As the only key to the ecology, SWPT can only be produced through transactions, which means that SWPT is a market with more demand and less supply, and its value potential is self-evident.

Beyond that, SWP is more than a single DeFi financial aggregator. Its use of the DAO autonomy model to create a mutually beneficial and shared encrypted financial ecosystem for everyone will be the next evolutionary direction of DeFi.

After the construction of the first stage of SWP is completed, we will also see the second stage of SWP – NFT + GameFi + Metaverse World, and the third stage of SWP – SWP public chain + SWP Swap ecology. At that time, SWP will become the most unique and ecologically integrated aggregation ecological platform in the blockchain field.

At present, the first phase of SWP private placement has been officially opened, 1 million SWP + 200 nodes are limited to a limited time and snapped up; join it in advance to get the unlimited value-added potential of SWP!

The world’s financial value is once again brought together by SWP, and promoting the acceleration of the value evolution of all mankind will be one of the many changes brought by DeFi3.0. Participate in the SWP Get Rich Program and participate in your rich future!

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